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Fishing Reels(The same contents with other countries)

This fishing reel makes it easy to detach housing and spool. When the housing is combined with the spool, they are not separated arbitrarily while deterring one-way rotation of the spool without rotating the main axis.
This fishing reel is equipped with housing and spool. In the housing hub, the main axis is fixed as one body so that the main axis can penetrate back and forth, and the adjustment knob is tightened with a screw in the rear end of the main axis.
One-way bearing is built into the winding drum on the spool, and a sleeve is inserted into the internal side of the one-way bearing. The main axis penetrates the internal side of the sleeves, and projects out towards the front. The housing and spool are mounted by connecting the neck axis with the hook of the removable pin installed in the front side of the winding drum. They are detached by disassembling the neck axis from the same hook.